TED Talk, JD Schramm: Break the Silence for Suicide Attempt Survivors

ted talk.

I was introduced to this TED talk, JD Schramm: Break the Silence for Suicide Attempt Survivors (click underlined portion to watch), a few months ago, and wanted to pass it along to you all.  The speaker happens to be a man who attempted suicide, and was fortunate enough to be blessed with a second chance at life.  I know that our readers, myself included, were not this lucky as our loved ones were successful in their attempt. After the loss of my father, I established an overwhelming urge to talk about suicide as I believe that more resources are needed for the suicidal.

JD Schramm does a great job of discussing how one’s perception is not always another person’s reality.  I have often heard survivors question their loved one’s decision to take their life noting the blessings in their loved one’ life.  The majority of people who die by suicide have beautiful families and beautiful lives.  Survivors are often left questioning, “How could I not have seen this?”  The guilt we feel as a survivor is often related to the shock we feel in the aftermath of a suicide, as we question whether we could have done more to prevent their death.  But how could you have done more if our perception does not match their reality?  JD talks about how he was perceived by others when he attempted suicide.  From the outside, he appeared to have it all; but internally, he was fighting a bigger battle than anyone could have ever known.  I also wanted to pass along further discussion on the TED Blog, as one woman shares what she learned from her best friend’s suicide.

I cannot bring my father back.  This is my reality, and the reality of any other survivor out there.  However, I can continue to talk about suicide and bring awareness to this topic in an attempt to not only help others who have lost a loved one to suicide, but help others feel comfortable talking to someone when they feel the sense of hopelessness that often leads to suicide.


  1. Tish says

    I have watched this video several times. I am in awe at the courageous way JD Schramm delivers his story. Below I have listed a couple of other videos that I have found to be inspirational as well. I admire the strength these individuals have and their fortitude to make a difference. Just as you have reached out to so many of us with your site, as survivors we should try to keep the discussion going! Our reality of losing a loved one to suicide is so difficult to accept (not sure if I ever will)…but maybe we can help stop the silence and stigma.

    Ted Talk: Confessions of a Depressed Comic …Kevin Breel
    Ted Talk: The Bridge between Suicide and Life. …Kevin Briggs

    • Jessica says

      Tish, I will look at the other TED talks you sent! Thank you for passing them along. I completely agree with everything you said. Our reality is difficult accept, but I do hope that by talking about the topic of suicide we can help others not suffer a loss in the manner we have.

  2. Mardelle says

    Thank you so much for your website. My younger brother committed suicide on June 17, 2013 without any warning. Your posts and others on the site are a blessing.

    • Jessica says

      We are so sorry for your loss. We wish it were under different circumstances, but we are happy you found our blog. We hope you find comfort and support here!

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